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Interviews, Environment & Conservation

Learning to love our planet

Born in France to a French father and Trinidadian mother of Indian and Portuguese descent and having moved to Ireland when she was nine years old,… Read More

Posted on 13th October 2019


De-Clutter your Life!

Kids and clutter. Like jelly and peanut butter, they undoubtedly go together.   It’s bad enough trying to sort out your own junk without having to… Read More

Posted on 6th October 2019

Sport and Fitness

Hong Kong Hikes

School Notices’ very own outdoors enthusiast LOUISE COURTENAY shares her tips for five things to take on every hike, as featured in the recent Expat Living… Read More

Posted on 22nd September 2019

Children’s Health

Teaching kids to value their hearing

Despite using our ears all day, every day, we don’t often think about our hearing (unless of course we have problems) yet it is such an… Read More

Posted on 16th September 2019


The Importance Of The Arts in Education

Anyone who has personally enjoyed or witnessed first-hand an arts education will understand the truly life-altering benefits that one can provide. However, across the school systems… Read More

Posted on 15th September 2019

Careers & Networking

Tips On Returning To Work

It’s that time of year. The children have headed off to start their new school or university year and the house feels quiet and empty again…. Read More

Posted on 8th September 2019


Success is a choice…do you have a growth mindset?

Alicia Drummond, our In-House Parenting & Mental Health Expert is back with the last in her inspiring series on ‘setting up for success’, this time focussing on… Read More

Posted on 1st September 2019

Education, Children’s Health, Interviews

It’s the Little things

With his new book, Adolescence: How to Survive It, now out, the former head of prestigious UK boarding school Eton College and now Group Chief Education… Read More

Posted on 25th August 2019


The Perfect Match

Many of us find ourselves looking at school options abroad, whether this is because a family relocation is on the cards or as a way to introduce… Read More

Posted on 22nd August 2019

Sport and Fitness

Spotlight On… Joanna Jensen from Child’s Farm

Joanna Jensen, CEO and Founder of Childs Farm tells School Notices how she started her baby and child toiletries company from scratch (literally) to the huge global… Read More

Posted on 17th August 2019 | PROMOTION