Natural Immune-Boosting Tips

The cooler winds have finally made it to the shores of Hong Kong, albeit late this year but we are relishing it nonetheless.  However with the cooler weather and everyone returning from all parts of the world from their mid-autumn break travels, it is important to keep those seasonal bugs at bay.

Much research has been done on natural methods to stay healthy during this this time and we get the lowdown from Maya Health Institute, nutritional medicine and advice practitioners in Hong Kong, in how to support immunity during the winds of change…

Natural methods and medicines to keep the sniffles and aches away include:

  1. Timely healthy meals with a special focus on a balanced breakfast with carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat. Fruit and nuts are valuable as vitamin C and Zinc rich food are known to reduce virulence. [1] Meals consisting of a proper balance of protein vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and fruit, support health and immunity while empty calories from processed carbohydrate, sugar laden and unhealthy fatty food have the opposite effect.
  2. Ensure adequate sleep on a regular basis ensures health both physical, mental and emotional. Suggested hours include 7-8hrs.for Adults, Children: 3-5 yrs.=10-13hrs, 6-12yrs=9-12 hours, Teenagers 13-18 yrs. = 8 to 10 hrs.[2]
  3. Staying away from artificially coloured foods especially Tartrazine (E102) and other known respiratory food-additive allergens. (for more information please read the article on food colouring-link).
  4. Do not ignore the chronic stuffy nose, recurrent sneezing or snoring: Untreated chronic conditions such as nasal allergies increase the risk of catching infections [3]
  5. Homeopathic remedies, Allium Cepa and Luffa O are great for those stuffy noses. Chesty Calm, Kali Mur relieve, the annoying throat tickle. .[4, 5] Natural homeopathic medicines do not have side-effects such as drowsiness
  6. Spicing up the menu: Research suggests spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, green tea have antiviral properties [4]
  7. Appropriate Probiotics are known to boost immunity. Specific Probiotic families and their combinations are more important than other strains  in this task.[5]
  8. Omega-3 Rich Fish oils for immune boosting. Recent studies shows that fish oils boost our white cell soldiers to help fight off that infection. [6]

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Please note this article is for educational purposes only and must not be considered as medical advice. In case of symptoms please see a qualified health professional.

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