Feeling Burnt Out?

We all know the feeling of being stressed, but what do you do when the pressure really builds and it becomes more than just an ‘acceptable’ level of tiredness, anxiety or stress?  We talk to Mario Constantin of Sea Counsel to get his advice on “Burn Out”.

All too often, professional life can steadily develop into a more challenging and demanding environment which left unchecked can lead to fatigue and burn out. Additionally, it might be that you need to find the right balance within your private life, i.e. family, interests and friends. These things can all lead to exhaustion, frustration, fatigue and sometimes to burn out.

Possible causes for a burn out – it is not always the job!

(Source: mayoclinic.org)

Burn out can result from various factors, including:

  • Asymmetric perception between expectation and is-situation – private as well as professional
  • Lack of control: An inability to influence decisions that affect your job — such as your schedule, assignments or workload — could lead to job burn out. So could a lack of the resources that you need to do your work.
  • Unclear job expectations: If you’re unclear about the degree of authority you have or what your supervisor or others expect from you, you’re not likely to feel comfortable at work.
  • Dysfunctional workplace dynamics: Perhaps you work with an office bully or you feel undermined by colleagues or your boss micro-manages your work. This can contribute to job stress.
  • Extremes of activity: When a job is monotonous or chaotic, you need constant energy to remain focused — which can lead to fatigue and burn out.
  • Lack of social support: If you feel isolated at work and in your personal life, you might feel more stressed.
  • Work-life imbalance: If your work takes up so much of your time and effort that you don’t have the energy to spend time with your family and friends, you might burn out quickly.


Don’t let it come that far!


We at Sea Counsel offer a 6 days program, scalable as per your availability and needs, on a sailing boat.

What will you encounter?

  • The opportunity to exchange views and strategies to regain your desired quality of life – you are not alone!
  • Breath taking experience on the waters, seeing places you can only access from the seas
  • Opportunity to helm the boat and learn the basics of Sailing
  • Unique escape on your “resort” on the waters where you can disconnect and tank new energy
  • Individual attention and coaching by a seasoned operations manager who has experienced the same process – individual or groups of max. 6 participants per trip (recommended)

We offer the program in Phuket (Thailand), Cyclades (Greece) and Mallorca (Spain).

Feel free to contact us for more details. All contacts and activities are handled with the utmost discretion according to the old school of Swiss tradition.

We also offer counselling services for Outplacement.

For additional information and contact please visit us at www.seacounsel.org/slow-down or contact us at contact@seacounsel.org.



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